Adjacent to the dépôt de pain (bread counter) is the Marais branch of their café. Proper German bread in Paris! Reply, You are such a lucky man to have rubbed shoulders with Monsieur Poilane! Poilâne Borrowing from the aesthetic of its successful French cousins in haute couture, the Fauchon storefront look is more akin to Chanel or Dior than to the pastry-shop style of its next-door competitor Hediard. He took out a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote down a list of places that he wanted to take me, which I thought was odd – yet rather generous – since the man had just met me. Recent studies of the luxury foods industry within France conclude that, domestically, French firms that have historically prospered in their home market are challenged by two recent trends. Apollonia can continue to grow within this niche. Reply. I will be in Paris for Christmas and Paris-Brest is on my ‘to eat’ list :) Bistro Paul Bert makes them to order and they are almost as big as a bicycle wheel. I actually brought back with me the entire hefty, round loaf on the plane (just like the one you’ve photographed – the first photo). Basta. You can support our work by donating to Open Food Facts and also by using the Lilo search engine. One of the first things we did was find a large pain Poilâne, which we ate our way through the entire week we were there. I was able to visit Paris again this past September, and every morning I went to Cuisine de Bar for a massive (!) Although, the first one I tried was from the bakery at a Carrefour. Reply, Wow, what a wonderful post! And as for the café, he cracks me up because every day he makes himself a latté (even with the questionable cream I mentioned on your half-and-half post.) Renovation of Fauchon’s two stores at Place de la Madeleine was completed in 2005, achieving an ultra-modern look that the newspaper Les Echos noted “transgresses the visual codes” of the 120-year-old brand. My fave experience beside food was a free concert at the Notre Dame Cathedral. One could cut it into pieces and freeze them. can you tell me which it is? Reply, We went to the Poilane in the 15th a couple of years ago (it was close to where we were staying), and the bread was great. Thanks for all the great posts. Paris bread scene is awesome, yet I still think that the best breads are being baked outside of the capital! Reply, A few months ago, we started getting the Poilane bread shipped to our market in New Jersey every week and it’s become like a cult favorite here! However it’s a bit of an affectation, and they serve café au lait in bowls. Aside from saving maybe a bit of pocket change, I’m not sure why anyone would choose the white bread, when they could be eating a warm ham and cheese sandwich on wood-fired Poilâne bread. That is, until I told him how much a chunk it costs at my local market in Chicago! I haven’t tried the tartine for le régime (the diet), with fromage blanc, tomatoes, and diced cucumbers, but my previous favorite is the simplest they make: crisp bâtons of pain Poilâne spread with sardine paste, good olive oil drizzled over the top, and a sprinkling of chives. Jan 12, 2015 - Poilane bread bakery in Paris is the most famous bread in the world. Restaurants near Comptoir Poilane, Paris on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews and candid photos of dining near Comptoir Poilane in Paris, France. Reply, Now you have made me hungry. miche paysanne-biologique nutrition facts and nutritional information. Miche Poilâne. It was good nonetheless. Thanks for reminding me of its deliciousness! It is made for all, by all, and it is funded by all. Were you able to see the technique for this at Poilane’s? Then it’s so good!” With apologies to the sardines, she was right. Baguette is all good and fine but after a while I miss my German bread. Old habits… :) Reply. I’m sure you’re thankful you got to meet them and so great their daughter has continued their work. the writing, the photos, reading it was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to get back to Paris so I can try it. ... referred to as a miche or pain Poilâne. Recently published figures indicate Fauchon currently draws 60% of its sales from outside of France, and expects this figure to reach 80%. I can now buy my fix in London. We’ll be sure to visit some of these places. Tip: The true fans pick the darkest ones and on the shelf where the bags are sold, there are always a few bags filled with what look to be practically burnt shortbread cookies. I love the food, the bread the pastries and the whole experience of being in this iconic city. I learned of it from one of my all time favorite bakers years ago while at culinary school. Faites vos courses en ligne aux mêmes prix qu'en magasin et faites vous livrer ou retirez rapidement vos courses dans votre magasin. Must remember that on my next visit to Paris. Reply, Thank you for this mouthwatering post, yet one more reason to go back to Paris. Thank you for sharing your story and your delicious description of your favorite items from their bakery. I bought several slices of bread my last day, and my first morning back home in St. Paul, I briefly felt like I was still in France with buttered Poilâne toast and my killer flat-white cappuccino. By Saturday we’re toasting it (it’s decadent with a little butter), Sunday it’s French toast, Monday we make a Panzanella salad with a good olive oil, fresh tomatoes, red onion, and basil. And do so very well! If you go into the busy main shop on the rue du Cherche-Midi, the staff is invariably friendly and accommodating. ( Reply, Poilane was our first stop in Paris when my husband and I went 4 years ago. Despite the language barrier, we still got two apple tarts and a few other small things to nibble and it was so delicious and much cheaper than I expected. I didn’t know it was legal to put that much pastry cream in a pate choux, but oh my goodness does it look wonderful! With market leaders like LVMH losing as much as 40% of their value in less than a year, and a scarcity of financing for small and medium sized businesses, many analysts predict that 2009 will be one of the worst years on record for the luxury goods industry. I don’t think about this so much anymore, but one of the reasons I moved to Paris is that I could, whenever I wanted to, go to Poilâne and buy myself a nice chunk of pain Poilâne. Reply, Looks great. Hi David! Now I have to say there is other bread I prefer in Paris, though I do love those little punitions Reply, on another subject, david , you have mentioned an arrondissement in paris that has a couple of up and coming restaurants…i think the same could be said for the arrondissement if i am remembering right. Such reforms, meant to deal with the market-shifting effects of European unification, are simply one contributor to the changing landscape of the French luxury foods industry. In addition, Asia as a consumer center has created new challenges but provides a much-needed lifeline and an expansion strategy that will no doubt be replicated in other emerging luxury goods markets. Reply, Never been to the Central London shop, but they do sell Poilane bread in my local Putney & Wimbledon Waitrose…not tried it as it’s pretty expensive (just under £5 for a rye loaf) Reply. I’ve never had the opportunity to try it, but that will change soon. Like, right now :D Reply, I’ve never been comfortable with the rumours of Lionel’s Front National affiliation….Obviously this is neither here nor there now so long after he died, but in the 1990s I used to avoid buying Poilane in Paris. Reply. It won’t be nearly like trying it in Paris, but a distant second that I’m happy to settle for, for now! And then we went back inside for one more!! Fauchon’s rebranding and internationalization campaign has borne fruit. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. A fantastic little cheese shop near my family’s home in Williamsburg, VA now sells 1/4 loaves and next time I’m home, I’ll happily pay the $10 to try the infamous loaf! Nearly all the women who work in the shop have been there since I’ve been coming to Paris, and when I went to their newest location in the Marais, I recognized a saleswomen who’d been at Poilâne for twenty-six years, from their Left Bank shop where I used to bring them brownies, for some reason. (I’ve never met a bread baker who didn’t use Monsieur Poilâne’s pain au levain as a reference point for excellence.) 0 %--Fat. ;-) Reply, have you ever seen the giada at home ep where she makes lunch for apollonia poilane? That being said, the tartines are absolutely delicious, and their apple tart is one of my favorites! With its unassuming storefront, neutral product colors and lack of advertisement, Poilâne quietly embraces tradition. Per your comment, I am so excited to imagine that I might see and photograph the downstairs wood-fired oven after proper requests. Reply, As a kid growing up in San Francisco, I didn’t understand people buying sourdough at the airport to bring home. Maybe I will see you there :) Reply, The Paris-Brest at Bistro Paul Bert is great, although they’re HUGE! Reply, Lovely, simple, appetizing… You are so lucky to be able to taste these beauties…It is sad about the owner and his wife. Reply, Thanks so much David for mentioning this place. Retaining its position of market leadership in a niche market has helped it successfully grow its presence and weather more than one economic downturn in the past. is verjus one of the places or am i confusing things. How Companies Can Leverage Technology to Deliver Hyper-Personalized Services. However, the current economic crisis has brought sharply into focus the trade-off faced by luxury businesses: Falling consumer confidence, stagnant incomes in the West and ever-increasing competition have all added pressure to adapt and change, or succumb to failure. Perhaps due to its emphasis on tradition, Poilâne stands as a success story in French luxury foods today. Now I’m hungry! Perhaps Poilâne is one of the lucky companies that, due to their well-established market niche, do not need to innovate to survive. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Even though I’ve been in San Francisco for 24 hours, eating the most lovely and divine food, this post makes me wish I were in Paris right now. Just goes to show how that kind of love and care put into something can elevate the ordinary to the sublime. My experience is the disappointed one that others may have had upon buying sliced, bagged ‘pain Poilane’ in the Carrefour or Shopi or whatever and finding it … stale, pretty much like … I was surprised and even a little relieved to hear raves about the famous Poilane. They certainly help me get through the year! It looks deceptively simple and is pretty compelling evidence of how just a few ingredients – puff pastry, slices of apples, and dark cane sugar – can create a spectacular pastry without all the fuss. And, of course, the accommodating people, who make it happen at Poilâne. Retrouvez toutes nos offres et promotions dans le rayon Pains. I have always wondered how they score the cursive P so beautifully – it must take an awfully experienced hand, but even then. They are truly gifted. First time, I just scouted what they had to offer and picked up a few delectable butter cookies and the second time, it was the day before my departure back to NYC. Lunch: Oeuf sur le Plat sans Matière Grasse, Sauce de Soja (Tamari), Avocat, Poilâne Pain Poilane. Reply, When I lived in New York the little grocery up the block had bread from Paris that was flown in every day. I’ve been to Paris before a few times and ate really well each time but never heard of Poilane (my last visit was in 1997). (You won’t get scolded for eating on the street in Paris, because everyone understands.) Sigh…. If there’s anything left after that, we just make some croutons or bread crumbs to store in our pantry. However, I read before I left for Paris that a Croque Monsieur which is my faveorite thing to eat in Paris is not good on Poliane, too crunchy or wrong flavor and I tried it and have to concur. So I would check the expiration date for sure, if I wasn’t certain. Bar de la Croix Rouge: Great spot for lunch or a snack - See 129 traveler reviews, 12 candid photos, and great deals for Paris, France, at Tripadvisor. Definitely the most amazing bread in the world! Question: those sandwiches look a little messy – do you scoop them up like pizza or do you fork and knife it? Reply, your posts make me want to move to France and take cooking lessons! I loved everything about it; the gorgeous photos, the description of the butter and bread, the experience of it all. In the meantime we’ll try to duplicate those sandwiches, at least in spirit. When Lionel Poilâne died in a helicopter accident and his Harvard-bound daughter Apollonia Poilâne took over, France appeared relieved that Poilâne would continue to be family-run. The next best thing in the US has to be Trader Joe’s Pain Pascal, but it is pale in comparison to the original. I took the bread home to where I was staying with a friend, who despite having lived in Paris for at least 4 years hadn’t heard of it. It has the most flaky, buttery, airy and light texture and as soon as we got it, we ate it right there, on the street. Le Pain d’Epices Poilâne® est né d’une recette élaborée au sein de la maison Poilâne, à base d’un mélange spécial d’épices, dont du Poivre de Setchuan, et un miel soigneusement sélectionné. We are going to Paris on Saturday and are looking forward to eating our hearts out! Wow. And that Paris-Brest looks absolutely amazing! Love this post! The dutch make pretty good bread but the best I’ve ever had was definitely in France. The Poilane website has a wonderful recipe for apricot bread on their website — love the little drawings illustrating how to make the bread…. Reply, A posting that makes me want to mortgage my cat and get on a plane to Paris – skip all the sites and move in to Poilane – any of their shops will do. The need for digital transformation in companies is obvious and urgent. Both are great, and although they don’t taste quite the same as in Paris, they are a reasonable substitute for an American with limited travel funds. Thanks for the inspiration. 9 Carrefour de l’Odéon, 75006 Paris, France T: +33.(0) “From now on, Asia is the principal source of growth.” Still, Capron is clear on what it is she is selling, telling Les Echos that “Our partners abroad ask us for France, France and France.”. I have a weakness for carbs and especially just eating fresh Poliane Bread. I bought a whole one recently for about €12 and it was huge. Reply, Mmmmhh, this post is amazing! His shop looks amazing–I can’t believe I never visited it when I was in Paris. I am celebrating my 50th (Oh God!) Reply, Hi Dave… I can get a wonderful Poilane here in NYC at Agata and Valentina.. Do you think there’s a secret Poilane bakery here in the states that supplies these gourmet markets or do you think it’s actually shipped in from Paris ??? ), if you’re lucky, they’ll have a tray of Paris-Brest from Jacques Genin, made just up the street. Acheter votre pain chez Carrefour, c'est faire le choix d'un pain de qualité, du savoir-faire d'une boulangerie. Thanks for the tips! When it does get crowded at lunchtime, it’s not uncommon to have the fellow at the door offer you a glass of wine if you’ve been cooling your heels a little too long. My best friend looked at me like I really lost my mind when I dragged it through airport security in my carry-on. Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences. Now to go forage for something even remotely similar to wolf down! 14 % 4g Protein. If Pandemic Productivity Is Up, Why Is Innovation Slowing Down? Reply, Yes, it’s available around the world and in fact, the bakery will ship a loaf almost anywhere in the world via FedEx for a fixed price. I’ve got some serious bread envy goin’ on, and here I sit on the wrong side of the pond! They also bake small quantities of the best brioche in London, if not the world. I am so frustrated with the indifference that is shown in the quality of food and services by so many people. One of the best places for breads and pastries is Du Pain et Des Idées (4 Rue Yves Toudic). In all the years I’ve been going to their shops, I’ve never had anyone wait on me who wasn’t friendly and efficient, and personally proud of what they were serving forth. Oh… I also bake my rolled or sliced cookies to the point where they are nearly burnt. - See 130 traveler reviews, 12 candid photos, and great deals for Paris, France, at Tripadvisor. This post has successfully made me dislike my life right now as a poor college student. Dinner: Chou-Fleur, Tomates, Cornichon Concombre Doux, Nestlé Les Recettes de l'atelier Raisins, Amandes & Noisettes . It was the perfect start to our trip. Ignoring claims that it was spreading itself too thin, Fauchon followed a tried-and-true approach by increasing its foreign presence, a move financed by a private equity consortium that acquired Fauchon in 1998. Reply, I can taste those butter cookies now…thanks for reminding me Reply, On your recommendation, we tried Cusine de Bar this summer and it became one of our favorite lunch stops! *sigh* I neeed to get me to Paris again soon! First, “pure-player” firms focusing on one luxury foods product are becoming increasingly present, eroding the market share of companies such as Fauchon that provide a diverse product range. To reinforce Fauchon’s preeminence in France and export it to growing markets in Japan, China, Korea and the Middle East, Ducros made a simple press statement: “We have to move fast.” The new, ultra-chic store concept was exported to all of Fauchon’s international locations, comprising 36 countries with 451 points of sale. Oh no! In countries like China, it will continue to attract an expanding aspirational consumer class. Reply, I make it a point to visit Poilane every time I’m in Paris, but I don’t go for the bread, I go for the cookies, which remind me somehow of my late grandmother’s cookies that I adored. Celebrated in France, Poilâne continues to operate under the watchful eyes of its clients who value its small, family-owned identity. They still have the bakery as well. Livraison en France et à l’étranger. World Archaeology defines luxury foods as those “that are widely desired because they offer a refinement or qualitative improvement of a basic food…. The next time I’m in Paris I am so going past this little bakery to try it out for myself. In any case I am game. When I visited Paris last spring (it was my first time) and went to Poilâne twice during my week-long stay. (Maybe they don’t sell it in that shop or maybe they didn’t sell it then – that’s what I’m telling myself to make myself feel better anyway.) Just like that. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for 1 pain-de-seigle and over 2,000,000 other foods at 1 pain-de-seigle nutrition facts and nutritional information. You mention “…which is open early for a morning bowl of café au lait with toast…” I read in another of your posts that “cafe au lait” is coffee with milk served in a bowl, always at home, for breakfast. I can’t wait to try the amazing food. I am so enchanted by the bread at Poilane! I don’t know how we ever lived without it. I want some now…. A week after I moved to Paris, a friend and I were invited to lunch with Monsieur Poilâne and his wife. Bistro | Au Sauvignon. Or look like an idiot when I do… Reply, You would only drink a café au lait (in a bowl) in a situation that was very familial – such as at home. We can but dream, those of us who live in Malaysia. In contrast to Fauchon, Poilâne, a Parisian high-end bakery, has not strayed far from its product, location, advertisement or management structure since its founding 76 years ago. Reply, Some people dream of gold or diamonds, I dream of having a loaf of this bread. But nothing beats the smell of bread baking and, while not Poilâne, my bread is fresh and still delicious, sliced warm and spread with butter. Reply, Oh you’re killing me. The Wharton School is committed to sharing its intellectual capital through the school’s online business journal, Knowledge@Wharton. Boulangerie pâtisserie artisanale, pains spéciaux, pâtisserie, viennoiseries, chocolat et traiteur. As prices were slashed by as much as 20% and new product lines designed for the mass-market were rolled out, the company faced criticism over brand equity dilution. The future of the industry is widely discussed throughout the country, particularly in the context of recent economic reforms implemented by French president Nicolas Sarkozy, designed to increase the international competitiveness of the French economy among its neighbors. I will have to go there while we are in France this coming year. It’s one of the few places in Paris I’ve ever been offered such a gesture, and that’s completely indicative of the kind of care they give to guests. So just go outside and eat it right away. Reply, I think one could time it such that you could have several meals there in one day… I’d sure like to try it. Bar de la Croix Rouge: Great tartines! I def think you should do a recipe on the rings of pâte à choix…they look so yummy! Reply, I’m ready for lunch after this post, make mine a Poilane tartine please; here in SoCal Bristol Farms flies in quarters of Poilane from Paris every Thursday and I keep it in the freezer to eat by the slice. It’s one of the best deals in town (currently around €14), especially considering the top-notch quality of the food. ... Carrefour City Carrefour is a chain with both supermarchés (called ''Carrefour City'') ... going to the Poilâne bakery and eating Miche Poilâne bread is an absolute must if you are in Paris! Its net loss shrank to only €5 million in 2006; and in 2007 Fauchon executives expected the company to return to profitability. Really the bread here is nothing to write home about in most cases.. The signature bread made by the La société Poilâne (pronounced pwa-LEN) SA bakery, and therefore often referred to as “pain Poilâne”, is a country-style sourdough round loaf (“miche” in French), which weighs around 1.9 kilograms (about 4 lbs) — the weight varies by loaf as each is handmade. There is actually pain de mie at the bakeries, but the convenience of having bread in the pantry that keeps for the entire week is the selling point for a family with 3 kids. Can’t wait to get back (someday hopefully) and sample some more! In the face of these encroachments on market share, many French luxury foods companies have decided to pursue a two-pronged strategy already common among their cousins in luxury fashion: brand innovation and increased presence in new international markets to take advantage of increased buying power overseas. bol of café au lait. For years, it has enjoyed a market perception as a leader in quality, coupled with a growing consumer base both at home and abroad. Reply, Wow, wow, wow! It tastes good, but, somehow, never quite the same to me as in Paris. Reply. Reply, This spring was my second trip to Paris. And just like their Left Bank address, a lone woman is stationed behind the counter and forms a one-woman assembly line, a vision of efficient organization, feeding an entire restaurant of people without breaking a sweat. I love Cuisine de Bar’s tartines. Reply, I love the bakery on rue du Cherche-Midi. Innovation is becoming a clear market trend as French luxury goods companies, long seen as the guardians of centuries-old tradition and quality, face the pressure to change. But this post tells me that I really need to go to Paris and lose myself in Poilane. : Avec sa croûte de couleur brun roux, sa mie serrée aux parfums de miel, qui reste souple et légèrement humide, le pain de seigle est idéal avec les huitres, les fruits de mer, les poissons fumés. Perhaps it’s because I’m a breadhead this is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done. A range of price points allows Fauchon to capture an increasing share of a mature European market — from the student who buys a €4 éclair to the large-scale corporate accounts. It’s true, everybody there was so courteous — what a contrast with the way we were treated in most places in Paris! Reply. Reply, That Paris-Brest looks (and sounds) so amazing. We kept trying to catch his eye to ask for the check, but he kept pointedly not looking at us. As we say in Hawaii, ‘chicken skin” aloha Reply, How delicious! Moreover, its loyal customers are unlikely to change the purchasing habits they have followed for decades. Reply. Reply, I always thought they used some really fancy apples or something, but when I saw them making them, they used just regular apples (I don’t know the variety) – but they weren’t heirloom or anything like that. I make the nut bread often; it is one of my favorites. Reply, I can’t imagine having access to food like that on a daily basis — heaven. Is it the water? Your posts are a breath of fresh air, and a tribute to the high standards we should all strive for. His recollection is of being chosen by his peers as one of their favorites. During the 1990s, in an attempt to boost profitability, Fauchon entered the mass-market retail space and began distributing to supermarket chains such as Carrefour. Courses en ligne : Plus de 15 000 produits disponibles en Livraison à Domicile … But many businesses, especially those burdened by legacy systems, still struggle to transform their operations to cater to the increasingly empowered digital customer. Reply, You’re so right about the apple tartlet David! Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for miche paysanne-biologique and over 2,000,000 other foods at Pain Poilane is wonderful, complex bread, but one must not overlook their Viennoiserie. Reply. Reply, There is NOTHING like the bread at Poilâne. There, at the Bar de la Croix-Rouge, I ordered my customary L’assiette Saint Germain, wafer-thin slices of rare roast beef served on toasted pain Poilâne. And when it’s time to go, the woman working behind the payment counter will offer you a little butter cookie from a baker’s basket, called a punition (punishment). My husband and I LOVED the bread in Paris better than any we have ever had anywhere. Named for a famed bicycle race between Paris and Brest, the ring of pâte à choux is meant to resemble a bike wheel and its interior gets filled with rich hazelnut-praline cream. Bar de la Croix Rouge: Must GO! Wine and canneles galore down here, but pastries are not easy to find. I am also amazed that I see the same women behind the counters that I saw on my first visit to Paris in the 90’s. Very nice story, David. The Saint-Marcellin/Bayonne ham tartine looks delicious. Reply, Thank you so much for writing this post. I recently moved from Paris to Bordeaux and I cannot get that lovely pastry anywhere. Thanks for making reading about food so enjoyable. Each year Fauchon, one of France’s most celebrated luxury grocers, dresses up its best-selling éclairs to be launched in their haute couture collection of the season. It almost looks like croissant dough. How lucky can we get? Reply, I have been visiting Poilane for the pst 10 years each spring when I am in Paris and love their bread, I can buy a loaf on my last day and bring it home on the plane. In fact, any change to the Poilâne image may cause more damage than good. At the top of this export strategy was China, where in 2007 Fauchon opened its largest retail space in Beijing. Not quite as rich, I am also crazy for Poilâne’s apple tartlets and I insist that people who have never tried one do so, no matter how unassuming they might look. about the difference between good food and bad. The pictures of the open-faced sandwiches and description make me sooooo hungry and miss Paris! Yet, like others in the luxury foods industry, Poilane is facing competition, in particular from mass market retailers such as the Pain Paul bakery chain. But is it reproducible, expandable, [and] franchisable on an industrial, international scale? Being the market leader in its category, Fauchon commands a formidable presence in markets that continue to grow. I love to toast it put a little olive oil and rubbing garlic on it, some tomatoes.. mmmmm. Thanks so much for sharing all this with us! And the light fixtures! As you know, they taste best that way! But on the other hand, they remember me well.). i love when you do posts like this, that just take me out of my little oregon apartment to a wonderful parisian bakery. your loyal fan Reply, Yes, it is the same arrondissement, the third. I was in Paris just a few weeks ago and, as it was lunchtime, I did what I often do and strolled over to the Carrefour de la Croix-Rouge on the Left Bank, at the end of the rue de Grenelle. That usually lasts a couple days in the fridge. It was even stranger because there were at least 3 little dogs running around the seating area, and the poor waiter kept almost tripping over them. We had the Paris Brest at Jacques Genin, and I must say that I agree with you on that one. Mmm…..Oh, excusez-moi monsieur, I’m next! But it remains to be seen whether this strategy will continue to garner success for the company. The bread in photo 3 looks especially amazing. At the time, lead financier Laurent Adamowicz commented to French newspaper Le Monde that, “This is the best brand in the sector…. Reply, Got to meet Poilaine in New York. Also, often baguette sandwiches are just too difficult for little kids to eat; the tradition ones are especially too crispy in the crust. A few weeks ago they opened a Cuisine de Bar nearby at 39 Cadogan Gardens SW3 (Chelsea) which I plan to visit next time I’m in the area. Anyway, after reading you post, I’ve got to get over there today… I really craving that Poilane toast with puddles of salty butter… Thanks Dave for another magnificent piece.. And you know the bread in San Francisco and Sonoma County. I purchased a few times, and am sure that I was not her only client… I still miss their apple pies and am so nostalgic of the little store rue du Cherche-Midi. During a recent Leading Diversity@Wharton event, Wharton’s Stephanie Creary spoke with three authors whose books offer deep insights into diversity and inclusion in business. A true Paris delight, Reply, There is a great article featuring Apollonia in the latest issue of The Gentlewoman magazine, where she talks about growing up with the family business and taking over after the death of her parents.