Summer: Mickey's WaterWorks • Stitch's Summer Dance Bash • Stitch and Friends Summer Surprise • Summer Blast David: He’s unconscious, but I think he’s alive! Television series He is considering putting Lilo in foster care, but Nani refutes this by citing that she is the only relative (A.K.A. The MovieLilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a GlitchLeroy & Stitch, Lilo & Stitch 2: Hämsterviel HavocDisney INFINITY series (townsperson), Unnamed deceased parentsStitch (on the basis of being Lilo's pet)Jumba (uncle figure)Pleakley (aunt figure), JumbaPleakleyDavid Kawena (boyfriend)Cobra BubblesMoses PulokiGrand Councilwoman, LiloBeing with her familyPizzaHulaChocolate, DisobedienceLosing LiloLosing employmentYelling at LiloJumba's inventionsLilo and Stitch's shenanigans. 2. She looks exactly like her mother when she was her age to the point that Stitch fully believed she was Lilo until her mother appeared. Suddenly she is stunned by Jumba, he had to plan from the beginning to capture Stitch and continue his evil experiments, so they both disappear aboard the red starship in the faraway galaxy. Incredible, but Nani is dealing with so much at once that so many of us don’t even have to go through in our lifetime. 7. Enemies and rivals Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In her debut in Lilo & Stitch, Nani wears an orange top with a pink heart on it, blue jean shorts, and tan boots with white socks, Later, when she went to find a job, she wore a blue top with khaki jeans and brown open-toed sandals. Nani is struggling to keep a roof over their head while making sure 6-year-old Lilo isn’t put into the foster care system. 17 Comments. Parade: Disney's Dreams On Parade: Moving On • Flights of Fantasy Parade • Happiness is Here Parade • Jubilation! First appearance While Stitch uses Lilo to avoid being captured by the intergalactic federation, he learns new things from her. LILO & STITCH opens on a far-away planet with all kinds of monstrous-looking creatures. Lilo laughed. With Nani being of age by the time of the tragedy, she was dubbed Lilo's legal guardian. 7. Capitaine Gantu, personnage dans “Lilo & Stitch”. Lilo's spirited and highly-eccentric personality, especially in light of her parents' death, has alienated her from her fellow children (whom she oddly still considers to be her friends, despite them mistreating her and openly admitting that they hate her and don't want her around), yet Lilo makes the perfect best friend for Stitch, an alien experiment whom she adopts, believing he is a \"dog\" (although he actually bears more of a resemblance to a … We were… It-It’s just that… Cobra Bubbles: I know you’re trying, Nani but you need to think about what’s best for Lilo… even if it removes you from the picture. However, Lilo notices that they really do want their dream rewards and Nani convinces her that she's doing the right thing and showing "aloha spirit" by letting them go. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Register Start a Wiki. Gantu Animal TF: Rabbit. Chris Sanders, 58 Stitch. If Mrs. Pelekai won a May Day celebration at Lilo's age in 1973, she would likely have been born in 1966 or 1967 (depending on whether Lilo was six or seven in Lilo & Stitch 2). Shake It! David Kawena is Nani's boyfriend. From the number of surfing trophies she has in her room, it is possible that she could've had a successful career in surfing or even had gone to college had it not been for the death of her parents. Two things that Nani is known for are her inability to hold down a full-time job, partly due to the antics of her sister and Stitch, and for being a terrible cook, although she excels greatly in math and chemistry. Photo of Nani and Lilo for fans of Lilo & Stitch. Her busyness often interferes with her friendship with David, who later serves as her love interest. MESSAGES Ouverture sur l’autre. 4. In Lilo and stitch 1, in the show, and in Lilo and stitch the movie he doesn't have an age. Bubbles arrives and the two have a brief argument over Lilo's well-being. Good Daveigh Chase, 30 Lilo. Ani Pelekai is Lilo Pelekai's daughter seen in Stitch!.She looks exactly like Lilo when she was her age to the point that Stitch fully believed she was Lilo until her mother appeared. Lilo choisit Stitch, même si Nani le trouve trop étrange. Then when she, Lilo, Stitch and David were surfing, she wore a … It could be implied that Nani gave up her dreams to pursue this potential career path to keep her family together. "Fine! She loves Lilo devotedly, but does not always understand her. Angel waved back, but Stitch stared at Lilo. Story : When Lilo is accidentally kidnapped by Gantu, Nani discovers with horror Stitch, this twisted dog, is actually an alien. Lilo & StitchStitch! They also come to discover the secret to dissolving the bind created by Link, which they use to help Lilo and Mertle. The MovieLilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a GlitchLeroy & Stitch Having enough of Jumba and Pleakley's attempts to help, Nani takes Moses and Lilo outside, where Lilo is given a warning: should her attitude remain low, she will be banned from an upcoming hula competition. Bubbles the next morning, Nani is informed of a job offer by David. In the end, Nani and Lilo are appointed as Stitch's wardens by the Grand Councilwoman while Cobra Bubbles, who is revealed to be a former CIA agent, is enlisted to supervise the new family. To successfully raise and provide for Lilo on her own Chris Sanders, 58 Stitch. By DKTF Watch. Nani is one of the strongest Disney characters in existence. OMG! Character information However, Jumba makes an attempt to capture Stitch from underwater. "Betcha wonderin' why you're stranded in a lake with no hair in your head." Surfing, Lilo, pizza, hula, chocolate, David, Stitch Ving Rhames, 61 Cobra Bubbles. Later that day, Nani is visited by Moses, Lilo's hula instructor, who reports a recent altercation between the latter and Mertle Edmonds. Lilo & Stitch has a cute story, endearing characters, a sensational soundtrack of Elvis classics, and glorious hand-painted animation. ... Grampa & Mr.Hasigawa Age Change: Progression. adult breastexpansion change liloandstitch lilopelekai thong transformation ageprogression assexpansion bimbofication hipexpansion nanipelekai. Lilo said heading to the kitchen "Hey!" It first aired in Japan on December 1, 2009, and in English on February 3, 2012. No, she’s not Mr. Lilo Nani Age Swap. It is likely that Nani is a surfing champion. She gave Stitch a … Of course, Nani demanded Stitch to tell her who's watching over Lilo, to which Stitch answered Jumba. Lilo & Stitch: The Series episodes Lilo et Stitch est un film d’animation de 2002, les dix premières minutes sont dignes d’un vrai film de science-fiction. Nani appears briefly in flashbacks in "Reunion with Lilo! As a result of having to support herself and Lilo, she is often stressed and busy. He is also one of the only four recurring human characters (the other three being Victoria, Cobra Bubbles, and later Mertle) aside from Lilo's family who is aware of the aliens and experiments. Source. Alignment added by ... Lilo and Stitch. However, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley are transformed into babies as well and thus, Lilo was forced to work hard on looking after them until they finally got the antidote for Babyfier’s powers. The timing and everything! He makes several attempts to treat Nani on a date, only to meet rejection due to her busy schedule. We have a dog door! Gallery Nani Pelekai Nani: Lilo? That doesn't stop her from being her true self with Stitch and Nani. However, she never stays far from her passion as she used to work renting surfboards at the Rental Hut. Nani is Lilo's big sister who was appointed as Lilo's sole guardian after the death of their parents who were killed in a car accident. Lilo and Stitch Nani's friend David, having seen Nani, encourages Nani to take Lilo surfing with them to improve their mood. In the 2016 holiday version, World of Color: Season of Light, she appears during the segment centered around Lilo & Stitch. Stitch & Ai Characters: Wang Ai Ling | Wang Jiejie | Meiying | Qian Dahu | Wang Daiyu | Dim Long | Scratch | Jumba's Chinese Experiments When Dr. Hämsterviel captures Jumba and demands a ransom of Jumba's first 625 experiments, Nani contacts Mr. During most of The Series, Nani's primary outfit is the same blue top with khaki jeans, but with blue open-toed sandals instead of brown. Elle accueille Lilo et Stitch mais ce dernier créé trop d’agitations dans l’établissement et Nani en perd son travail. ""Wouldn't you like a different dog?" Here are some lessons to point out to your kids: It's OK to be different. ", ライバルがくっついた!) is the seventh episode of Stitch!-The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure. General information Her home in Kauai, Hawaii Personality ", including a brief scene where she, Jumba, Pleakley, and Stitch see Lilo off to college. Nani is Lilo's older sister. Background information The series ended on July 29, 2006 after airing 65 episodes in two seasons. Dislikes Retains custody of LiloBegins a relationship with David Elephant, Tiger, Squirell Animal TF: Various. The techniques you use in this drawing is just superb. To everyone, it appears that Stitch had tried to drown Lilo. Street Party • Mickey's Storybook Express • Bubbles sees the whole thing and tells Nani that he will come for Lilo in the morning. Nani later appears at the end, where she joins David, Lilo, Jumba, Pleakley, Stitch, Mertle, and all the experiments in taking a group, family picture. Are you hurt? Halloween: Halloween Pop'n LIVE • Re-Villains! Finally, near the end of the film, she wore a white shirt with red sleeves, blue jean shorts, tan boots and socks. Nani is a kind, mature, and caring individual. lilo. Nani is the older sister of Lilo Pelekai, and after their parents were unexpectedly killed in a car accident one night during a storm, Nani, as Lilo's closest living relative, was appointed as her legal guardian. Her busyness often interferes with her friendship with David, who later serves as her love interest. "Link-age" (Rivals Stuck Together!, "Raibaru ga Kuttsuita! The perfect LiloAndStitch Stitch Nani Animated GIF for your conversation. 11 Comments. In almost all of her appearances, her tops are short enough to reveal her belly. Nani Pelekai is Lilo Pelekai's older sister and legal guardian since their parents' death. Captain Gantu (formerly), Dr. Hämsterviel Halloween Parade • Scream and Shout Halloween Parade In fact, there was a deleted scene in the original draft, which had to be changed because test audiences had mistaken Nani for Lilo's mother. World of ColorWonderful World of Animation Her intense schedule often interferes with her relationship with her boyfriend, David, and somewhat prevents her from having friends. I was heading there anyway!" Mr. Human Jumba at one point refers to her wrath scarier than his former partner Dr. Hämsterviel's. Lilo & Stitch Although she has become even more eccentric due to the death of her parents. An example is a time Lilo and Stitch were talking with Mertle's mother in front of the movie theater, which made Nani think they were going to the movies when she said not to (when in reality they were actually experiment hunting) and didn't even let them explain. A pair of brown pincers cuts down a tree which almost falls on him. When Lilo expresses worry over Stitch and notes that she's been trying to contact him, Nani notes that she'll need intergalactic technology in order to do so, which gives Lilo the idea to form an alliance with Stitch's cousin, Reuben to use his ship's contact computer.

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